Phosphoric Acid
Cas No.:584-08-7

HS Code: 2809201900

Chemical Formula: H3PO4

Net weight: 25KG/bag
product description
Product Name: Phosphoric Acid

Cas No.:584-08-7

HS Code: 2809201900

Chemical Formula: H3PO4

Net weight: 25KG/bag

Serial numberIndex nameIndustrial grade(First level)
1AppearanceColorless and transparent or slightlycolored mesh liquid
3Phosphoric Acid(H3P4)%≥85.0
4Chloride(In terms of CL)%≤0.0005
5sulphate(In terms of SO4)%≤0.003
6Fe %≤0.002
8Heavy metal(In terms of Pb)%≤0.001


Phosphoric acid (in the nomenclature of inorganic chemistry called orthophosphoric acid) 85% with the chemical formula H3PO4 is an inorganic chemical compound, obtained by reacting phosphorus oxide (V) with H2O (water). It is a colorless, odorless water-soluble substance. Phosphoric acid is used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.


Application 1: mainly used in phosphate industry, electroplating, polishing industry, sugar industry, compound fertilizer, etc. In the food industry, it is used as a sour agent, yeast nutrient, etc

Use 2: mainly used to produce chemical fertilizer, detergent, food and feed additives, flame retardant and various phosphates

Use 3: commonly used as analytical reagent

Application IV: for capacity and colorimetric analysis

Application 5: In the production of silicon planar tubes and integrated circuits, aluminum film is commonly used as electrode lead, and it is necessary to photolithograph the aluminum film and use phosphoric acid as acid cleaning etchant. It can be used with acetic acid.

Usage 6: It can be used as sour taste agent and yeast nutrient. It can be used as a sour agent for condiments, cans and cool drinks. It is used as the yeast nutrient source for brewing to prevent the multiplication of miscellaneous bacteria.

Application 7: Wet process phosphoric acid is mainly used to produce various phosphates, such as ammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, trisodium phosphate, etc. and condensed phosphates. Refined phosphoric acid is used to make calcium hydrogen phosphate for feed. It is used for phosphating of metal surface, preparing electrolytic polishing solution and chemical polishing solution for polishing aluminum products. The pharmaceutical industry is used to manufacture sodium glycerophosphate, iron phosphate, etc., as well as zinc phosphate as a dental filling adhesive. It is used as a catalyst for the condensation of phenolic resin, a drying agent for the production of dyes and intermediates. The printing industry is used to prepare the cleaning solution for wiping off the stains on the offset color printing plate. It is also used to prepare match stem maceration solution. The metallurgical industry is used to produce phosphoric acid refractory mud and improve the service life of steelmaking furnace. It is the coagulant of rubber slurry and the raw material for producing inorganic binder. The paint industry is used as metal antirust paint.

Use 8: It can be used as yeast nutrient, chelating agent, antioxidant synergist and inorganic acid flavor agent, with the acidity of 2.3~2.5. It can be used for compound condiments, cans, cheese, jelly and cola drinks, and can be used appropriately according to production needs.

Application IX: mainly used as catalyst for ethylene hydration to produce ethanol, high-purity phosphate, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical reagent.

Application 10: Determination of chromium, nickel and vanadium in iron and steel, metal rust prevention, rubber coagulant, determination of non protein nitrogen in serum, total cholesterol and glucose in whole blood. Crystalline phosphoric acid is mainly used in microelectronics, high-energy batteries, laser glass and other manufacturing processes, as well as high-purity catalysts and medical materials.


It should be placed in a cool and dry place indoors to avoid sun and rain.

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